Sunday, June 13, 2010

"what could a rabbit possibly be late for?"

Kaity and I are watching "Alice in Wonderland."  The old school, Disney version.  I can't wait for the Walrus and the Carpenter to come was always one of my favorite parts.

It's so nice to be home.  There's so much comfort and safety surrounding you.  What's different about this trip is that it's my first time being home since I've graduated.  I'm no longer a student.

What an exciting, volatile place to be.

I'm about to start paying my own cell phone bill.  My own rent.  One of the biggest blessings I've had over the past few years has been my dad's car, and he's going to sign over the title to me.  I'm going to have my own car--this is a first.  So many new things.  So much responsibility.

This is the departure point into my own life.   What's awesome is that although this life is mine to live, the impact, fingerprint, influence of so many people will be evident on how the next years unfold.  Although at times my life has seemed like the adventures Alice found on the other end of the rabbit's hole, I've always had a support net.  It was amazing to see many of these very people at church this morning.  After six months away from Waynesville, I was able to hug them and tell them about my path into college ministry, while presumably they remembered me as the timid, skinny ninth grader that they met nine years ago.

Six months from now, I'll be coming home after a semester spent doing full-time ministry with students at the College of Charleston.  In the meantime, I'll amuse myself with Disney movies.

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