Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ONS - Day 1

I pecked this out while flying into Madison, WI for a ten-day conference.  You've probably heard me mention it over the past few weeks (I've been pretty pumped):  it's InterVarsity's annual orientation for new staff (ONS).  Hopefully I'll have time to post more during the conference.  Right now is actually the end of our lunch break for Day 2.

Lake Michigan is really big.  I’m flying over it as I type this, on the third and final leg of my trip to Madison, WI.  Although I had a little anxiety when my first flight was cancelled from RDU, the day has been great--really.  This is by far the best seating arrangement I’ve ever had on a series of flights, the weather has been fair, and I found good company in my new friend, Jane, on our flight from DC to Chicago.  The only downer today was my own self-criticism and doubt.

After my flight was cancelled, I rebooked for a few hours later and was left with a lot of time to kill.  This was a recipe for time to relax before a busy travel day.   And I’ll mention that the RDU airport is one of my favorites--the new terminal, at least--so I was excited about a fun romp around the area.  All that said, it was a weird experience.  I was stuck between the indecision of napping, reading Scripture, watching the world cup, reading the Chronicles of Narnia.  Looking back, I feel like I spent the time well, but sometimes I just get down on myself, thinking I could've or should've been more productive.

All that said, I'm about to land in Madison, and I can't wait to see what the next ten days has in store.  Over the past few weeks I've been trying to take an honest look at my life, especially my relationships with others and my relationship with God.  Some of the conversations have been painfully revealing, some have been reaffirming, but all have been growthful.  I'm hoping and praying this will continue throughout ONS, and I look forward to sharing!  I hope and pray that all is well wherever you find yourself right now.  Cheers from Madison!

Posting this a day late, I can already attest that I'm experiencing through this conference more of this growth.  Will tell soon!

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