Thursday, August 12, 2010

"the stakes couldn't be higher"

Why do I want to do college ministry?  Where did this passion come from?  I'm not even going to answer this myself.  You get enough of my writing and rambling, so this morning you get to read someone else's words.  context: I was checking out the blog of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA and came across this excerpt in their most recent post.  They just purchased a new building within blocks of the University of Washington campus, and they're stoked.

See their vision.  Hear my passion.

(Excerpt from Mars Hill Church blog.  Read full article here)
This is Huge
The building will be home to our U-District Campus and is located mere blocks away from the University of Washington, one of the largest, most influential institutions on the West Coast.

Students come from around the globe to study at UW, representing over 100 countries. A permanent presence in the middle of this crossroad of cultures will allow us to take full advantage of the transitory nature of college life. We’re in a position to influence these kids for just a few short years before they go on to start families, build organizations, lead communities, and change the world.

When students graduate, they’re sent out to either build their own kingdom or live for Jesus’ name. A sense of urgency comes with the territory, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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