Saturday, July 10, 2010

stopping. smelling the roses.

Fund development can be approached in both healthy and unhealthy ways.  It's almost 6pm on Saturday here in Raleigh, and I just finished a bunch of emails to follow-up with people I've been contacting.  I was about to slam this laptop shut, jump back in my car, and then hustle up to a cookout with fellow staff from the area, but I need to take a quick second.

Or maybe a few seconds, but just long enough to remind myself of the mission.  Do you ever get like that--so engrossed in the work that you have to remind yourself what the bigger picture is?

So, perspective:  the phase of my job that I'm in right now requires that I spend time communicating with people my passion, and asking if they want to be a part of it with me.  Dude, that's awesome.

So, Patrick, before you hurriedly rattle off emails, phone calls, and coffee dates remind yourself what you're really doing.  Sharing your passion and letting God provide the resources to obey His calling, and then work for His kingdom on the College of Charleston.

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  1. you know, i'm discovering that same thing :) it looks a little different as an introvert, but having an excuse to get together with people and, just like you said, share what you're passionate about and invite them in--even though support raising has been super hard sometimes, sometimes i think, this is my job? seriously, i get to do this? :) hope things are going well! ps, you should add my to your prayer/update list!